Programs in Spain

From its Mediterranean beaches to its cosmopolitan cities, Spain has a lot to offer. Our network of corporations, luxury resorts, hotels and restaurant partners are all looking for great people to help fill many different types of positions from seasonal work during the busy seasons, to high-demand, skilled positions.

Come and taste the world’s richest country.
Spain, is always a good idea.

- Chef Jose Andres

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the host employer’s role?

It’s an honor and a privilege for businesses to participate in the program. They will ensure you train alongside seasoned professionals and gain additional work experience to build upon your current skills.

How much does the program cost?

This is a cultural exchange program so, there is a required fee. Each program has different criteria for qualification and different costs. Please see individual programs for pricing information.

How long does each program last?

There is a 6 month maximum

Who will help me find housing?

Many positions offer housing, but some do not. We will always provide you with viable housing options that are affordable and a reasonable distance from your worksite.


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